A Dollar for Adelle

Meet darling little Adelle.  She is a 12 week old Australian Shepherd mix with loads of spunk and personality.  She is also in need of a little bit of your help.  After Adelle was spayed she had a reaction to her external sutures and they needed to be removed earlier than the normal time it takes for stitches to dissolve.

Unfortunately, the day after this was done Adelle’s wound opened up while she was traveling here for adoption and thus found herself visiting the doggie ER.  She was a very good patient and is now all bandaged up, on antibiotics, and pain medication.  But Adelle still needs to have one last minor operation to clean up the area that was infected and close her wound with a different suture material.

Adelle’s medical care has come to almost $600 dollars so far not including any of her initial medical (shots, spay, etc).  So Adelle is hoping that a whole lot of people will send $1.00 her way.  Of course she’d be even happier if you wanted to send several more dollars in addition to the $1 she asking nicely for.Won’t you please help Adelle?

Once Adelle is all stitched up and recovered she will be looking for a wonderful home to call her own.