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Veterans Day Adoption Special


PawSafe would like to honor our Veterans by offering all dogs over 6 months of age for a reduced fee of just $100.

What do you have to do?
Apply to meet one of our qualifying pups to adopt between Nov 10-12, and if it’s a match, show us your dog tags*!

Only dogs over the age of 6 months will qualify.

The first step is to fill in our adoption application so that we can invite you to meet the dogs that qualify.

Only valid for dogs adopted and taken home on November 10th – 12th!


*Dog Tags, Form 214, VIC paperwork, or similar needed

2017 PawSafe Puppy Reunion

Woohoo! It’s so good to be reunited!!!
Join us for a spooktacular time!

-Reunite with your PawSafe rescue’s litter mates and fosters!
-Enter the Howl-o-ween Pet Costume Pageant and Parade!
-Visit the Puppy Kissing Booth!
-Meet our adoptable pups!
-Tie dye a PawSafe Tee!
-Check out the interactive photobooth with your pooch!
-PawSafe Animal Rescue merchandise for sale!
-Food/beverage being offered by Brewster Elks


4th of July Freedom Event

Dogs want to celebrate freedom too!!

It’s PawSafe’s way of celebrating the spirit of the 4th and setting some dogs free at the same time!
Q: How do I qualify for the reduced fee adoption?

A: The first step is to fill in our adoption application so that we can invite you to meet the dogs in our care  on July 1st and July 2nd ONLY.

Meet and match with a dog over 6 months of age and you qualify for the reduced adoption fee of $225.

Only valid for dogs adopted and taken home on July 1st and July 2nd!





That’s right, our very first DOGTOBERFEST! Fall in love with a rescue dog over 6 months old this October and their adoption fee is almost half price. You read that right-this event is all treats and no tricks!

It’s PawSafe’s way of celebrating our 1000th Adoption for 2016!
Q: How do I qualify for the reduced fee adoption?

A: The first step is to fill in our adoption application so that we can invite you to meet the dogs in our care at an upcoming adoption event or by appointment depending on when the dog or puppy is ready for a new home, once you have your puppy with you I recommend to get the litter box to keep dogs out from eating cat’s food. Once you get your puppy I recommend reading the best chew proof dog bed reviews to give your puppy the best.

Meet and match with a dog over 6 months of age.

Donate a large bag of premium dog food that will be transported back to shelters in need down South!

Photos with Santa – Dec 5th, 2015


PawSafe’s 3rd Annual PUPPY REUNION

PawSafe Puppy Reunion

Join us for our 3rd Annual PAWSAFE PUPPY REUNION!

Tractor Supply
1253 Route 311
Patterson NY 12563

FREE admission  —  FREE Parking
activities ~ contests ~ food
PHOTOS with Tina Quatroni of Petcha Photography

Visit our Facebook page for more information:

2014 PawSafe Calender (SOLD OUT!)


2014 PawSafe Calendar
The 2014 PawSafe Calender is almost ready and available for PREORDER!

We’re so excited about our 2nd PawSafe Calendar. It features amazing canine models that were all adopted through PawSafe. Full color stunning photography was done by none other than Tina Quatroni from Petcha.

The size will be 9.5” high x 12.25” wide (19” x 12.25” when open). They will be saddle stitched and shrink wrapped.
Cost will be $15.00 per calendar for up to 5.
Shipping: $5.00

Bulk must inquire for complete cost and be invoiced:
Cost 6 or more $12.00 each
Shipping: will be determined by amount/weight
Pickup is also available

Questions?  Email Tina (

Pickup can be at an adoption event or at tractor supply in Patterson NY.

PawSafe: behind the scenes

Often times the photos that flash across our site are of cute little puppies that generate  “ohhh’s and ahhhh’s” or wonderful adults with deep soulful expressions – all ready to start their journey of finding a new home.  Everyone is beautiful and looks happy and healthy.  We are appreciative for your help in sharing these photos so that their little faces reach more people than we could alone.

Many times we hear “I want to do what you do”… and to that we say  “COME ABOARD!” as we’d love your help as a volunteer.  Without volunteers none of what we do would be possible.  You can find volunteer information on our site at:

But a lot goes on behind the scenes to get these wonderful dogs and puppies ready to go home with you.  Most do not come to PawSafe looking the way they do at events.  Many are in need of expensive medical care, dedicated foster homes, and tons of TLC.    We wanted to take a moment and show you a few of the dogs and litters in our care now.  Most won’t be ready for a while, but you’ll see that there is always a lot to do with very limited funds and only a few volunteers.  There are so many many many more that we can’t help for those two reasons alone.

Please consider becoming a foster home, giving of your time at adoption events  or making a donation to help us save these dogs and countless others!

Here are just a few of the cases we’re working on right now.

Margarita and Juanita
Neglected terrier duo
These two pitiful girls were picked up as strays in West Virginia.  By law, Animal Control has to hold them for a number of days before euthanasia in order to give time for their owner to claim them.  During that period no medical can be provided.  So there they sit for days in this condition waiting on an owner that will never show up.  Just one look and you can see they are neglected, sick, itchy, in need of relief, and that no one will be concerned enough to look for them. The second their “stray hold” is up, they become available for adoption or able to be killed.  Thanks to our rescue partner, Dog Bless in WV, we were able to “adopt” both before being put to sleep.  Immediately they saw a vet and had skin scrapings to diagnose and start their treatment for demodex mange, got wormed, bathed, and sent to foster.  They have a long road ahead of them – an expensive one for PawSafe – and lots of work for their foster home.  But one day soon you will see this mom and daughter duo on the website boasting nicer coats, not nearly as terrified, and looking for homes!

And then there is Baby

Heartworm Positive
A 2 yr old stray in Georgia that is heartworm positive.  Past her stray hold period and with no one wanting to take on the expense and time needed to treat her heartworms, she was heading straight for euthanasia and was even wearing a glow in the dark dog collar.  Again rescue groups came together to try to raise some of the funds to get her treatment started.

PawSafe made the commitment to save her and thus a small fundraiser was started.  Baby’s medical treatment will cost $1200.  She is now at the vets where she has gotten her first two doses of Immiticide- an arsenic based drug that will start to kill the worms in her heart.  After her first two doses she will need to be confined to a crate for 30 days as the large masses of dying worms passing through her heart can cause a blockage and kill her with the smallest amount of excitement and activity.  After 30 days, Baby will be tested again and the next step in treatment can begin based on her results.

Please make a donation to help with her medical bills
(Link:  )

The list goes on!  There is Taylor.  She was also a stray that was adopted in West Virgina after her hold time was up.  But 5 days later she was surrendered back again because she was sick and the family that just promised to love and care for her decided that they didn’t want to do that after all.  We agreed to take her under PawSafe’s wing and she was admitted to a vet clinic for two days of IV fluids and medications.  She is now recovering nicely in foster care.

But more moms and puppies, adults, starving dogs, and scared souls are sitting in shelters for every one we save.  Each donation means life for a dog we would otherwise not be able to help.  Each foster home means PawSafe can say “yes, we will help“.  Each share on Facebook or link to our site is a chance for us to potentially reach a new volunteer or family looking to adopt. Please continue to share!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi